keeping my mom posted

since my mother reads all the blogs that i link to (in posts and on my sidebar) i figured i would thrill her by adding two more:

  • jim’s blog – my brother-n-law, half marathon partner & future marathon partner
  • jill’s blog – my sister-n-law & half marathon partner

that should keep mom happy for awhile.

i once had a dog that could escape my house at any given moment. he was a great dog but he would get out every now and then. i always had to run after him because i was scared of what could happen – after all he was a dog and dogs can do odd things. so i understand what it’s like to have a dog that escapes. still, as a runner it gripes my butt beyond believe when people know their dogs are out of their yard and they don’t seem to care.

while i was running tonight i ran into the snarls of two bulldogs who live a block away from my house. their owner was leaning out her front door trying not to get wet and screaming for her dogs to come back in. instead of coming in her dogs decided it would be more fun to come after me. i turned towards them, screamed for them to leave me alone, and backed away. since they continued to come after me and the owner didn’t seem to care about getting out and grabbing them i shouted over to her that if her dogs came after me looking like they were going to bite me then i would respond by kicking them as hard as i possibly could. she said that i should stop and walk her dogs over to her. while she may have thought this was a great idea i thought it sounded lousy. i responded with my own idea which was that she should get outside and grab her dogs and i would just remain ready to pound her dogs if they attempted to come after me. either fear of me or disgust at the laziness of their owner confused the two bulldogs and they turned their backs on me. i took this as my chance and quickly moved down the street from them. last i saw the bull dogs were still moving away from the owner and she was finally having to get out in the rain and get her two dogs. i hope they kept her running after them for at least an hour.

btw, i sure wished the saints had won but now i’ll be satisfied if the colts win.

my run for the day
distance – 5.5. miles
time – 54:05
pace – 9:50/mile

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  1. The lady with the dog is an idiot, if you don’t mind me saying. I hate having dogs nip at your heels while they are just roaming the neighborhood.

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