the tourny

is anyone interested in doing a basketball bracket for the ncaa basketball tournament? i’ll take the winner out for lunch at any restaurant that he/she wants to eat at that costs less than $20 for entrees. if you live outside of baton rouge and want to participate i’ll send you a gift card to the restaurant you desire. i always do one through cbs sportsline and therefore you would have to have a free account there to do a bracket.

the bracket would be located here if we do it.
any takers?

[Listening to: Holiday in Cambodia – Dead Kennedys – (3:44)]

2 Replies to “the tourny”

  1. I’d enter, but it wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t go eat together. BTW, I live outside of the B.aton Rouge

  2. i’m in but since I have not followed any basketball this year, i’ll probably not be joining you for lunch!!

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