how the tournament bracket works

there seems to be a little confusion concerning the scoring of the ncaa basketball tournament bracket. basically the confusion comes from sharon trying to say that we are tied because we both have the same number of games correct right now. not so fast my 11 point trailing friend. the bracket is determined by the score rather than the number of games right. this means that each winner of a game is worth a certain number of points. specifically each win in a round is worth a certain number of points PLUS the seed number of the team that win. this means that picking a lower seed to win ends up equally more points. wins in each of the rounds are worth the following:

    first round – 1 point per win
    second round – 4 points per win
    third round – 7 points per win
    fourth round – 10 points per win
    semifinals – 13 points per win
    finals – 20 points per win

since you add the seed number to the win points it means that a win from a lower seed gives you more points (which makes since because it is harder/luckier to pick a win from a lower seed). this is win i am presently beating sharon even though we have the same number of wins.

so quit your belly aching sharon and deal with the fact that even though you are from basketball country (the mid west) this southern boy is winning.

of course, i think you are about to kick my but in the elite eight

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