i’m not the biggest fan of doctors but …

it would appear that i am going to have to visit one because i am fairly sure that that i have grade 2 torn calf muscle. my right calf feels like a have a hard monkey fist in it and my ankle has swollen to the point that you can’t feel my ankle bones anymore. it’s all a little freaky. i’m on the road tomorrow so hopefully i will be able to visit a doctor tuesday. if i’m lucky it will merely be a grade 1 strain and only take a couple of weeks rest before running again. this will slow me down during the music city marathon but i will still be able to compete. if it’s a grade 2 strain/tear then things become a little trickier. i think i could probably still make it through the marathon with 4 weeks rest but it would be very hard on my lungs and legs. we’ll just have to see what’s up when i see the doctor. of course, i pretty much feel like i have accurately diagnosed myself already.

SIDE NOTE – driving through illinois is boring. it’s great for the gas mileage because it’s straight and flat but taxing on the mind because IT IS BORING. i’d rather have hills and turns and get bad gas mileage than have great fuel consumption and be bored out of my head. the one highlight was the wind farm we were able to see along the interstate. i think there’s a spiritual connection to that but i’m too tired from driving all day to type it out so you’ll have to figure it out for yourself.

SIDE SIDE NOTE – “eat this book: by eugene peterson is amazing.

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  1. yeah the wind farm was cool. i wish we had been able to spend more time around it but the nature of our trip and the time when in which we had to do it didn’t really allow it. i’m actually giving illinois a bad rap about being boring. there was a stark beauty to the state. it would have made for some great photos if the weather had been decently good or decently bad. as it is it was just overcast boring.

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