i was right and wrong

i'm an 80 year old lady

i was right
after an awful experience of waiting and being ignored for an hour and a half i was finally able to visit with the orthopedic surgeon and he told me i was right in thinking that i had a stage 2 calf tear/strain. i’m not the biggest fan of the medical industry. his advice was to keep doing what i was already doing and come back next week for another look. if i continue to have problems next week he will recommend physical therapy. i don’t really figure that i will go back for another visit. the only reason i went to the doc was because i needed a prescription to get physical therapy and hopefully heal in time for the marathon. i don’t think i’ll go and pay for another visit forr him to say “you’ve made about a week’s progress.”

i was wrong
once again (for the third or fourth time) i was second in our ncaa tournament bracket. congrats to sharron for winning the whole thing. this means i owe her lunch but since she said that she would probably give it to jon, her son, i guess i owe jon lunch.

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