it’s true

i know it’s clichéd but in 1978 my family did really drive to caliornia (from alabama) in vw bus and the bus did actually catch on fire (only minorly). we had a cb in the bus that we used to talk to trucks, i slammed the sliding door on my brother’s index finger and broke it, and yes we did visit the grand canyon during our journey (i’m fairly sure my parents still have the petrified wood bookends). every now and then i am almost convinced that every travel/vacation movie has some how stolen my life.

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  1. Remember “The doors are closing” and the “something” that ate the sausage we bought in San Francisco, while we were at Grand Canyon? The VW only broke down 2 times, not counting the fire, and you and Kenny slept on a peice of foam in the back. All in all………..quite a trip!


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