monday night laser tag

i know this is last minute but i figured i would still put it up on the blog. we’re going to be joining university baptist for some laser tag at baton rouge laser tag tomorrow (april 9th). we will have the whole facility to ourselves from 10 p.m. to 12 p.m. it only costs $20 and you can bring any friends that you would like (as long as they are youth aged). if you’re interested email or call me and then show up at baton rouge laser tag at 10 p.m. your parents can pick you up at baton rouge laser tag at 12 p.m. snacks are on your own. pass the word on to anyone you see.

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  1. hey robert.
    im in Denham
    i wanted to know who sings the song “All My Life” (ya know my freedom my reason….) i’m at a friends house they wanted to know for their youth group. Let me know. Love ya.


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