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the ingredients - salsa #1
pam and my love for homemade salsa has taken a new turn. yesterday i decided to plant a container salsa garden on our back porch. i don’t really have all the ingredients planted (i skipped the garlic and the onion) but i have the main ones (roma tomatoes, serrano peppers, and cilantro). the main problem is that my back porch is shady and the plants need full sun light for much of the day. i’m going to spend the next week moving them around trying to find the best light. in about 70 days i should be able to make salsa from scratch just by walking onto my back porch. my grandparents would have been proud.

as a kid i remember my grandfather being so proud because he was growing a tomato-potato in his backyard garden. it grew tomatoes above ground and potatoes below ground. he got a huge kick out of it and loved telling people about it. i just thought it was strange.

just in case you are curious my salsa recipe is located here

here’s are a couple of free links just for the fun of it.

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  1. I like your salsa. I might even try to make my own version. My only complaint with this blog is the horrible picture of you. You would greatly improve this blog if you would loose it.


  2. But, then again, you do not like any of the ingredients of salsa on their own. Wouldn’t eat a tomato or onion for money. The picture would look better salsafied.

  3. well mom – i actually enjoy that photo so much that i decided to turn it into a hyper link so that you can click on it and see a larger version of the photo. if you think the small version is awful just wait till you click and see it covering your whole screen. it’s great.

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