i have really been out of it

i have not listened to the news or read anything online all day. it was not until a few minutes ago that i learned about all the virginia tech shooting. this is one of those moments that makes no sense. all i can do is pray for those in the area and hope that the bride of CHRIST in blacksburg, virginia shines in it’s answer to the situation.

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  1. As a VT alumnus of 7 years, I am deeply saddened by these murders. It is startling that nobody knows who the killer was and what could have sparked this rampage. Blacksburg is one of the most serene towns in the US. How does a nightmare like this occur in this Blue Ridge beauty? I expect this in the metro cities of the NE, not Blacksburg,VA.

  2. it’s one of the terms used for the church within the new testament. when things like this happen the church should be serving and that’s my hope for up there … that CHRIST’s bride will be what she is supposed to be.

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