chicken peacekeeps

what do you do when rabbits are fighting in your backyard? well you send in the peacekeeping chickens of course. they’re just what the united nations has been looking for.
ht to jason kottke.

SIDE NOTE – i just saw this quote and liked it.

you can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.

mark twain

to be honest seeing things with my imagination is actually kind of scary to me. my imagination likes to play around with things and wonder how things could be. my imagination causes me not to be satisfied with the way things are because it constantly calls my attention to new possibilities. it’s fun to day dream about such things, but actually seeing with my imagination means changing based on the things i see. i think seeing with a GOD given imagination usually moves towards changing the status quo. i don’t like changing the status quo. well actually i enjoy the initial excitement of the change but when the hard choices start happening it’s not that fun. of course, the new and old testaments are filled with stories of men and women who saw things with GODly imaginations and their lives were dangerously wondrous because of it. if all of us could possibly see things with an imagination that is filled with awe of a gracious and loving GOD then maybe we could live in such a dangerous and wondrous manner. a manner that would make a huge difference within this sometimes great and sometimes stupid world.
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