keep siegen lane wierd

when i first moved to baton rouge i soon became very familiar with siegen lane. if you live on the side of town that i do then siegen lane is going to be a staple of your driving routes. siegen is always crowded with very poor drivers and therefore it eats up your time and fuel. the one good side of this is that there was almost always something odd to see during the trip. i went through years of seeing completely random things occur on siegen. such as:

  • i once i was stopped at the traffic light by chick-fil-a and i saw a woman get out of one car, run to the truck in front of her, pull her shirt up, and place her breasts against the driver’s side window of the truck. the really funny part was the response of the woman after she pulled her shirt down … it was shock. you could hear her shouting “it wasn’t them” as she ran back to her car. apparently she thought she knew the people in the truck and it turned out she was wrong.
  • another time i was stopped in traffic and i saw a costumed quizzno’s cup and employee get in a fight in front of ihop. it was funny to see how many people honked and cheered as the cup took the employee down.
  • for about a year siegen lane had a random street preacher who set up camp by the exit from i-10 onto the lane. he would stand on his soap box in the middle of the grass slope and preach up a storm concerning all the evil that those drivers flying by him had participated in. a couple of times when i saw him i stopped, pulled out a collapsible chair that i kept in my truck, and sat in front of him so he would have an audience. it was as if i wasn’t even there because he never acknowledged my presence.
  • another time when i was driving past jim’s firearms i saw a helicopter randomly land on the side of the road about 60 feet away from me.
  • once while i was filling my truck up with petrol i watched a grown man dance around in a crayfish costume while waving a live crayfish in his hand.

there are others that i could say but i think you get the picture. the problem is that siegen lane has turned plain and boring. i haven’t seen anything strange on the lane in a little over a year. i kind of think that everyone on siegen has started taking prosaic. i wish everyone would go off their meds and get odd again.
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  1. i know it’s a little odd but i’m not a big fan of saying “gas”. i guess it comes from having been around middle school guys for too long.

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