JESUS camp – part deux

pam and i just finished watching “JESUS camp” with our neighbors. this was our second time to watch the documentary and it was even better than the first time because of neighbors. pam and i are obviously on the leftward side of evangelicalism and slightly right of middle of the road politically (conservative on some issues and getting more liberal on others). our neighbors are unitarian and episcopalian and would describe themselves as liberal democrats. pam and i were scared by what we saw in the movie the first time but it was even more interesting to watch the movie with someone who wasn’t as familiar with the more fundie side of evangelicalism. our neighbors are great people and it made for a wonderful night.

our neighbors also pointed out that a stray basset hound has been found by their next door neighbors. the finders of the stray basset haven’t had any luck in finding the owners of the dog but they don’t really want to keep him. the problem here is that pam, the boys, and i desperately want another basset but right now is simply not the perfect time. we were hoping to wait until we moved to wisconsin. of course, this little guy (we think he is about a 9 months old) isn’t going to wait. nobody seems to be sure what will happen to him if we don’t take him. to make matters worse (for us not for him) he is a very well behaved dog and about as cute as can be (i’ll post a photo tomorrow). this makes it all the easier to want to bring him home. we’re talking things over about possibly bringing him home and keeping him with us while we still look for his owner. first though we’ll have to see what montana says about all this.

SIDE NOTE – noah’s team won their last soccer game today. actually they thought they had lost it because the score said so (3 to 2). it turned out though that the other team had brought in a “ringer” from one of the premiere teams. that’s right a team full of 11 year olds brought in a “ringer.” the end of the story is that they were caught and had to forfeit the game, which was great because the “ringer” had score 2 of the team’s 3 goals. of course, this story wouldn’t be complete if i didn’t point out our neighbors involvement once again. kirby is noah’s soccer coach and so we all celebrated the win together.

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