i like your yard

for about 4 years pam and i have been driving by a yard that we both love. we liked the house when we first started driving by it six years ago but we fell in love with it four years ago when the owners decided to change their landscaping. it’s wonderful. it’s pretty on it own but the best part is that is fits the house perfectly. the colors go well together, the shapes fit the structure perfectly, and the textures are spot on. every time i drive by the house (which is basically every day) i think to myself “dang, they did that right.”

today we had to get out of our house for yet another showing. this is a good thing. the only bad part of the whole situation was that the whole process went long. we disappeared from the house for an hour, as we were asked to, but when we go back the realtor and her client were still there (hopefully this is a good thing). so we drive around for a little while. after 15 minutes and our second trip by the house we decided to take a longer route. this longer route took us by the previously mentioned house. since we had to waste some time pam and i talked about stopping by and telling these random people how much we liked their landscaping. so we did. i walked up to these stranger’s home that live about a mile away from us and said “you don’t know me but i have been meaning to stop and tell you how much i like your landscaping for about four years. i just wanted to tell you that you did a great job on it.”

the homeowner was as surprised as you would think she was. she began to tell me how hard her husband had worked on the landscaping and how thankful she was that i stopped by to say that. it was all pretty fun.

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