so proud of my wife, enjoying the snow, and hoping it's a joke but knowing its not

first, i’m so stinking proud of my wife. today she defended her dissertation and she is finished with all the requirements for her ph.d. she’s a cool chick.

second, today it snowed for the first time since we moved to wisconsin. it was just a flurry but it was still the most snow we’ve seen in seven years.

finally, i know there are head hunters for ministers but the concept sill makes me want to puke. i received an email from another head hunter today. here’s the email (with the church blocked out because i don’t desire to help these people in any way):


i am with ministersearch a consulting firm based in dallas, tx. we assist churches as they search to find ministers for key staff positions. we also coach pastors and ministers like you as you determine if you are in the most effective ministry role and/or position.

we have partnered with XXXXX XXXXX XXXXXX church in sumter, sc in their search for a coaching pastor. The coaching pastor will be the chief leader and strategist for adult discipleship along with a coach to the youth and children’s pastors.

this is an excellent opportunity for someone who has the right mix of leadership and ministry experience.

XXXXX XXXXX XXXXXX church is a contemporary church that has had a great impact on the community. XXXX XXXXX, the lead pastor, is looking to add this person to the church’s senior management team which cast’s the vision for the church.

the right person will have several years of ministry experience in a growing environment. this is not a church that gets hung up on legalism so staunch fundamentalist will not be a fit. You should also have a desire to serve on a team instead of independent ministries.

the compensation and benefits are outstanding and the cost of living in this quaint community is very reasonable.

if you have an interest this position, please forward a copy of your resume for confidential review – I will get it to the search consultant handling this search.

also, please forward this email to anyone you think may be interested in hearing more.

thank you for your consideration.


every time i see or get one of these i get sad. what does a letter like this have to do with JESUS or ministry? i know some of my other ministerial friends have seen these same letters. thankfully my friends think these ministerial head hunters are sad also.

i emailed him back the following:


you’re kidding right? please be kidding. i so hope you’re kidding because i can’t see JESUS in any of this.


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  1. very proud of Dr. T as well! She earned it for sure!

    Love your response to the headhunting letter. Let me know if they write you back.

  2. That is sad. What has the world come too…better yet, I expect it of the world…what has Christianity come to…I think the answer is “to the world”.

    Doesn’t sound very “set apart” to me.

  3. We are so proud of Dr. DIL (Daughter in law), but I wonder…………..can the boys still call her Mom, or do they have to call her Dr. Mom?

  4. well of course you did j.t. (blessed be your name). you are a youth ministry god … everyone knows that. they would be fools not to send one of those letters to you.

    of course, you would be a fool to be interested in a church that works like that – but i know you’re no fool so it doesn’t matter. i wonder how many impersonal letters they sent out to ministers who they basically know nothing about? personally, i figure the church that operates that way deserves the minister they will probably get (for the 18 months he/she will be there at least).

  5. Rob, got that exact same letter. The problem was that I’m in the middle of getting ready for a wedding – mine, thank you – and getting a ministry up and running, and life in general and I stinkin’ sent him a copy of my resume! What was I thinkin?!

    Man, am I stupid. Thanks for the insight. It’s late and I better get to bed before I do more stupid stuff that I’ll be sorry for later.

    Go ahead and laugh. I’m doing it right now. 🙂

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