for those of you who know and love my wife (and lets face it – if you know pam then you love her – she’s just that type of woman) you probably want to know that she defends her dissertation tomorrow at 1 p.m. i know she would appreciate your prayers.

after she defends her dissertation she will head from baton rouge to be one of two speech pathologist on the hondurian operation smile project. that means she is gone from home for two weeks. i’m not sure the boys and i can survive off of my cooking for two weeks.

SIDE NOTE – i think one of things i am going to have a hard time adjusting to will be how much sooner it gets dark in wisconsin. being further north means less daylight in the winter. now that day light savings time has ended it is completely dark at 5:06. in alabama & louisiana that would have happened around the time of the solstice.

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