darn jw

i’m a block of ice presently because i just spent an our on my door step talking with a jehovah’s witness. he wouldn’t come inside and apparently he hadn’t spoken before with someone who has a historical sense of theology of the trinity. being okay with mystery is a pretty decent answer to someone who believes that you have to be able to rationale explain one doctrine but can’t others. i’ll write more later (maybe) after i warm up.

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  1. sorry stephen – there’s no great heroic story to it. all that happened was i tried to treat dennis with respect while disagreeing with him. he told me that most people shut the door on him quickly or where rude. i believe JESUS when HE says HE is the way the truth and the life and therefore i firmly believe that anyone searching for truth will find it in HIM. therefore, i didn’t so much try to convince him that his doctrine was wrong as i did try to help him to understand that his complaints against orthodox CHRISTian theology are based on misunderstandings. for instance, he basically believes in the economic trinity. my hope is basically for more conversations – seeking truth together. i believe that seeking will lead us to JESUS. hopefully the other conversations will be inside. 🙂

  2. Robert, thanks. Theres an old jehovah’s witness couple in the rural town in which I am church planting (God is, anyway). just about everyone that gets a visit from them seems to feel really confused about religion in general. I am taking the same approach as you, helping people to see Jesus. Once they’ve done that, everything else falls in to place.

    On a related note. We moved back to the big city when my son Nilson was born and I am surprised to see the streets filled these days with white shirt, black pant mormons. Two college aged American boys walking around with name tags that say ELDER. I would not be surprised if there are 50 or even a hundred of them in the city now…

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