the long and winding road

today i went to the monthly bay lakes associational pastor’s gathering. the meeting is in appleton, wisconsin which is about an hour and a half away from the stevens point area. usually i carpool with another pastor or two who live on the way there. because of these guys plans for the day carpooling wasn’t an option and so i was on the road solo. the good side of this was that i was able to listen to a couple of mp3 lecture recordings that were great.

here they are:

the first was a lecture of n.t. wright & anne rice – it’s here and it’s amazing. the second lecture was one by ron sider talking about the historic chance that stood before the church to be a real difference within poverty in america. it’s here and it’s incredible.

the only problem with listening to sider is that what he says has a tendency to refocus your priorities – which isn’t really a problem unless you’ve set you heart on something that obviously a large luxury. listening to ron i suddenly realize where the money really should go. thanks ron.

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