she doesn't get it … do we?

first & most important pam is back from the operation smile project she was on in honduras.

secondly, i ran across this today and it made me laugh. it’s an article about ashlee simpson postpoing her new album for fear of going up against american idol singer blake lewis. the part that makes me laugh is a quote from one of ms. simpson’s friends.

ashlee hates american idol, and she thinks the show makes stars out of nobodies, taking credibility away from real musicians

she thinks the show makes starts out of nobodies? apparently she doesn’t remember getting her start because of big sis’ and a reality t.v. show or maybe she’s forgotten about an internet petition to ban her from singing that made the circuit (or maybe she’s forgotten her dad pimping her and her sister out).

it’s sad when you see someone say or do something that is the exact opposite of reality. it’s even sadder when it is a body that is supposed to represent CHRIST. i know we all make mistakes. that’s just a part of the game. the problem to me is not so much when we followers of CHRIST make mistakes but rather when we are not humble enough to admit them or even the possibility of them. i’m not even really talking about sin issues here. rather it’s the egotism that i sometimes see within churches. i believe that JESUS is the way, the truth, and the life but i don’t believe that i understand or know HIM completely. while standing firm in my convictions i want to do so with a sense of humility and not arrogance because the day may come when i find out exactly how far away from GOD’s truth i am. i don’t think humility concerning our beliefs is in opposition to standing firm on our convictions. i believe JESUS (WHO i believe really did know TRUTH perfectly) stood on HIS convictions in humility. HE was able to converse and relate to people who completely disagreed with HIM while treating them with extreme respect. HE used the TRUTH as a means to bring people to the FATHER instead of as a means to pound people into the ground. the only people HE kind of even “pounded” on were the religious ones – who thought they already had the truth all sown up.

i hope we followers of CHRIST will “get it” more often than not.

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