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if i was still in baton rouge and in youth ministry this would have been the first day of the annual fall retreat, the JESUS project, that we did at parkview. the JESUS project was always one of my favorite weekends of the year. for seven straight years it was an incredible weekend of pushing boundaries and having a great deal of fun doing it. as a matter of fact, if i was still there and doing the fall retreat we would be in the midst of two things: 1) a voluntary prayer labyrinth, and 2) a huge voluntary game of capture the flag at this very moment and about half of the adult leaders would probably be in the woods with water balloon slingshots launching water balloons at every kid that ran within their targeting range. ah the memories.

then of course, monday morning i would be sick. that pretty much happened every year too.

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  1. aww robert i really was aching for a retreat this year too. the one they had planned for this weekend was canceled because of the fact that not enough people signed up. i know that if we were still doing JP, all the spots on the bus going there would be filled. today, i passed the exit going towards Judson and i was very tempted to make my dad pull over and stop there just so i could stick my feet in the icy cold creek. my mother says that she misses driving into the dark in the middle of nowhere going to stay the night with us(:

  2. It was really weird not having it this year. Jesus Project was special to me and i really missed it. Btw things are moving very quickly with the parkview youth if you catch my drift

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