pink slip

yesterday noah came in from school and immediate went to the computer. no “hi” “what’s up” or anything. he went to the computer and went to work. this is not typical so i asked him what he was doing. he said he was typing something up for houston industries. of course, you are probably now asking yourself “what is houston industries?” noah and one of his friends decided to create a company – houston industries – houstin is the ceo and noah is the president. i asked noah what houston industries did and he told me ” we make stuff.” when i asked what kind of stuff his response was “just stuff.” that was good enough for me.

anyhow, noah was working on something for houston industries. i looked at the screen and it said:

this is a pink slip!
you’re fired!

i had to ask noah about this. he said they had “hired” another kid because they need employees to make “stuff.” unfortunately the kid they had hired had “gone mad with power” and tried to fire noah. therefore, they had to release him.

today they decided to re-hired the kid but first they made him sign a contract that said he would not “go mad with power.” they are considering making all employees sign a contract like this.

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  1. A contract is no good unless there is value bor both parties. Tell Noah that hudson industries must pay the employee in order to enforce the contract

  2. Oh, they are getting paid alright! Noah is the doctor of physiology for Houston Industries (of course he didn’t know what physiology was until I told him) and he gets paid $25 an hour. Not too bad for a 10 y/o. I think his check is in the mail.

  3. LOL – I am loving this post!!!! Mad with power…Noah will somday realize that will always be a problem in a company 😉 He is just way ahead of his time to figure this out at 10! Too bad we can’t provide pink slips to all power-hungry employees!

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