i hate the cowboys

i had to go to three different places tonight to find enough standing room to be able to watch the packer/cowboy game. i finally reached the point where i didn’t feel like standing up anymore and i drove to three other places looking for a little more leg room. there wasn’t any. i ended up coming home half way through the third quarter and watching the game on the internet.

i hate the cowboys.

SIDE NOTE – a friend is doing some graphic design for tapestry. as a part of her prep work she asked for most of the basic information you would expect (name, address, website, why we exist, goals, what colors do i like, etc.) but she also asked for 5 emotional words that will describe the church. that was more taxing than anything else. i thought it was an excellent question. here are the words that i believe will fit best:

  • adventuresome
  • gritty
  • connected
  • intimate
  • wonder

what i’m even more interested in is what words a guest, a member of the community, and a skeptic would use about tapestry after it gets going. it would be interesting to see what words such people would use of a lot of churches.

SIDE SIDE NOTE – i REALLY hate the cowboys.

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  1. Robert,

    Seems as if things are going well with you up there in the artic north! Baton rouge is just what you remember it as being, hot and humid, even in December. Your bolg is great. I respect you brother. Ever since I have gotten to BR I have hardly been able to make time for new entries to my blog (collinwimberly.blogspot.com). I am especially glad to see the excellent choice of books you are reading. Before this, I really did not know that there were other pastors who actually liked Richard Baxter and Star Wars Novels! Perhaps you and I can pioneer a new kind of pastor’s conference – combining reformed Baptist theology with a starwars convention.
    Well, maybe not.

    Have a great day.

    Collin Wimberly

    PS – I hate the Cowboys too! In the dark ages (1980’s) I was always a Pittsburg fan.

  2. thanks to all my fellow cowboy haters. mike & jim you both are dead to me (which will make CHRISTmas a little awkard with jim). sam, i agree but they were cool enough to stream the game on their website.

  3. Robert if it makes you feel any better, i have never been a Cowboys fan either. I was turned off in the horsemouth days of Troy Aikman. I just tolerate them to make our home a happy one 🙂

    I am a Patriots fan since my hubby plays for them….or is he the star of the Bourne series??? I am so confused…. LOL

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