one of the books i just finished reading is george barna’s book “revolution.” it’s pretty interesting. i’m not sure i agree with all of his main points but i do what what he has to say very interesting. if nothing else i completely agree with him that the modern church has been way to focused on itself. we have focused our money on building bigger and nicer buildings and arenas, concentrating our efforts on getting more people into our programs and activities, spending more time and money just trying to get as many people as possible into a one hour service while calling that church, and we haven’t really been about living out the kingdom of heaven. in “jim and casper go to church” casper, and avowed aethist, asks jim “is this what JESUS told you guys to do?” i think it’s a great question to ask and one that i believe we should consider. i wonder how different many of our decisions would be if we seriously asked that questions before anything we did.

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