the family and i love central wisconsin but there are a few things that w do miss about baton rouge – our friends there, the food, and the movie culture. people in central wisconsin don’t watch many movies. in baton rouge pam and i would sneak off in the middle of the day sometimes to go and watch a movie. you can’t do that here because there are no theaters open until 4 p.m. that makes it hard for us to preview movies before taking adam or noah to them. sometimes we are just not sure about the content of a movie being right for our kids and when that happens it requires that one of us go see it first. that’s a little harder to do when it has to be at night.

juno is one such movie. pam and i just weren’t sure about taking adam to see it. therefore, we’ve been trying to figure out when we could preview it and decide about taking adam to it. for the preview to happen the kids had to be doing something else and that had not happened until tonight. pam and i are kidless tonight because both the boys are spending the night at other people’s homes. so we decided to go see the movie. it was great. i don’t think adam would really think it was that funny but pam and i loved it. i thought it did a great job of handling the messy situations that necessarily made up the plot of the movie. as a matter of fact the only problem i had with the movie was some of the lines from the main character which were way to thought out (what teen would know who soupie sales is). the movie really was incredible.

SIDE NOTE – i am so much slower than i used to be. i ran in the point bock run today and finished in 51:49. that’s a lot slower than i used to run 5 miles (pre calf tear). this also means that i have incorrectly measured my current running distances because i have been getting better times than this on my local runs. the good news is that i throughly enjoyed the race and i now know what a bock is (it’s a strong lager which has origins in the hanseatic town einbeck, germany). once tapestry is started i’m going to really encourage the group to sponsor a run.

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