i was looking at the solomon’s porch weekly email newsletter and saw this in it:

PORCH-TRAITS – the artists of the porch are excited to announce a great new project (with an incredibly cheesy name). we are endeavoring to make a portrait of everyone who considers solomon’s porch their home. the portraits will be displayed in our building. this will be an important contribution from the artists as we look to structure our identity in the coming year. we hope everyone here signs up! if you are a portraitee or portraitor please sign up at http://porchart.blogspot.com. all you need to do is write your name and “portraitee” or “portraitor” in the comments section of the post.

what a great idea! i think that it not only does a great job of infusing art & beauty into the church but is a wonderful reminder of the fact that a church is it’s people rather than it’s building. this one has been added to my google notebook idea file and will be “borrowed” later on.

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