19 miles

today was my long run for the week. it was supposed to be 20 miles but i was REALLY hungry by the time i reached home with still a mile to go (i usually go a half mile past our home and then come back). when i got inside the house i was a little curious if i hand lost any weight during the run and therefore i jumped on the scales. 10 minutes before my run i had tipped the scales at 191.6. after running 19 miles i had lost 2 pounds and 6 onces. i registered 189.0 on the scale. it doesn’t seem like as big a deal when i type it but at least it made me laugh when i saw it on the scale.

SIDE NOTE – i am presently reading a book by bill easum & pete theodore called “the nomadic church: growing your church congregation without owning the building and while i have only reached chapter six i have to say that thus far i am quite impressed. i can’t yet speak from experience whether all the recommendations and thoughts within the book work (because we have launched public services yet) but i figure we’ll be able to try these things out soon enough (hopefully by next week i will be able to tell everyone a launch date). if i had a short list of books to recommend to future church planters right now this book would be on the list. of course, that could change in the next chapter, though i doubt it. i’ll post more after i finish it.

my run for the day
distance – 19.0 miles
time – 3:25:30
pace – 10:49/mile
weather – 36º

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  1. That’s wrong, Robert. Why do that to yourself. You home should be the finish line. What’s the deal with getting there, but then having to pass it up and come back. That has to mess with your head. Imagine the marathon. The winning runners see the ribbon, when they get close the people at the ribbon start screaming, “You’re alomst there! Just run half a mile to the carwash, and then come back!”

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