random meaningless thoughts

  • i am more and more thankful each week that we were able to sell our house in baton rouge. the people who bought it from us did so for purposes of flipping it. they’ve had it on the market since october. i’m sorry for them but i’m real glad it’s not us.
  • pam watched some marathon on lifetime concerning a place that sells wedding gowns. i watched a little with her and i think it’s added a new dimension to how i will treat premarital counseling in the future. from now on i will probably add a few remarks to the bride that no matter how many times she hears otherwise the truth is that the wedding day is not about her. people always say that the wedding day is the bride’s day. wedding day is about sealing a commitment not showing off a young girl. no wonder the average wedding costs around $30,000. i think it’s because of mindset like are on that show.
  • i miss our tapestry launch team meetings. we’ve taken a short break until summer school starts. i really miss getting together with the launch team. they are a pretty cool bunch of people.
  • when we moved up to wisconsin we started having family game night and devotion night on mondays. i love monday nights. they are a lot of fun. of course, i lose all the time but i still love it.
  • here’s a very interesting article on the changes of human height within history. the united states used to lead the “height race” but after 50 years of stagnation even the japanese have caught up with us.
  • one of our next door neighbors is a wonderful example of passion. we have great neighbors, several of whom are certified master gardeners. we’re working on a couple of our beds and after bouncing around to several professional landscapers and receiving a smattering of help we went to talk to one of our neighbors to ask her opinion. she was about to head out but said she could spare a few minutes to help us think through things. 45 minutes later she had walked us through some wonderful ideas and volunteered from her own yard most of the plants we would need. it was fun to watch her get so excited about planting a new garden, even if it wasn’t her own.
  • father’s day is coming down the pipe and world vision has listed possible humanitarian gifts for dads. the ring did this once for the dads (and moms on mother’s day) of their church. i thought it was a brilliant idea. of course, i like a lot of their ideas.
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