calling volunteers?

i have a request for my wisconsin CHRISTian friends who read this blog but are already active in a church – would you consider being “missionaries” to tapestry for 3-6 months? here’s what i mean. it does the kingdom of GOD no good what so ever for me to encourage CHRISTians to move from one believing church to another. in fact, i would describe doing such a thing as basically evil. i have some wonderful friends around Point that are actively involved in some wonderful churches and i do not want them to swap to tapestry. i want them to stay where they are and help those churches in following CHRIST.

with the above said, we need a “critical mass” to begin our worship service on september 14th. it’s pretty intimidating to walk into a room with 6 people in it. it’s especially intimidating if it’s a church service and you don’t have a church background (the very people we are wanting to connect with). so we’re looking for some volunteers who will agree to come to our sunday evening services for 3-6 months to be “seat fillers” and maybe help volunteer in getting things working. i’m asking people to do this while always remaining loyal to their actual churches (every other church in town has morning services). once, we’re up and running i want these volunteers to slowly stop coming to tapestry (a mass exodus would be weird). once again the goal is to expand the kingdom of GOD, not reshape it. these volunteers will be hugely important for birthing tapestry but once we’re born they will need to go home.

we have a couple of friends who have already agreed to be a part of this, but i’m still looking for a few more.

SIDE NOTE – if you’re not already involved in a local church then this doesn’t apply to you. you are more than welcome to come and stay. 🙂

SIDE SIDE NOTE – one of the things i and the launch team have talked about is regularly paying a non-church goer to come and critique our worship services. we want to make sure that we are not saying and doing things in a religiously coded manner. the goal is for everything to be easily understood and grasped by people who have not been raised in a church. we jokingly call these idea “rent an atheist.” we’ll do it every 6 months or so. thanks to some friends at emy j’s we have our first reviewer for the launch service. she will come to the service with critical eyes and then report to the launch team the week after. i’m very excited about this.

rave card back

i’ve tweaked the rave card front a little (basically adjusted the sky & grass color) and i feel pretty happy with it now. here it is.

rave card 2

you can look at the original one here. i think the difference is pretty clear and obviously i prefer the newest one.

now it’s time for the back. here are the two 1st mock ups that i’ve worked on. there differences between the two are just in their wording. just click on them for larger (aka readable) views.

 rave card back copy rave card back version 2 copy

any thoughts?

i’m going to mull this over for a day or two, have through launch team look at them, and then order the cards & signs next week.



i’m now researching the next big tapestry purchase. truthfully i’m about fed up with buying large items for tapestry, i would much rather use our resources doing something good rather than just buying more equipment. yet i guess this is a part of it all right now. anyhow, we will be meeting in a gym so the lit up ugliness factor of the room is pretty high. i want to reduce this ugliness factor by controlling the lighting and thus i am looking into buying portable lighting. the key concerns here are that the lighting needs to be a good value, rugged, portable, and dependable.

i know next to nothing about lighting (i put some up in the parkview student center and it worked but i think that was luck). right now i’m looking at this set up, the mbt weekender dmx. it’s $823 plus $110 in shipping. oh how i hate spending money like that for lights. still i want to hide as much of the gym ugliness as possible and lighting seems to be the best way to do it.

so blog readers who know a thing or two about lighting (phillip & chester)  lend me your brains. is this a good buy? too much lighting? too little? we’re not going to be doing much with lighting (other than hiding gym ugliness). on and off is a must, dimming would be nice but it’s not essential.  i don’t want to spend any more than this and i would love to spend less. any suggestions?


i’m in the process of having to produce signage for the inside and outside of washington elementary when we are in the building. right now it looks like group imaging is going to offer the best deal for portable and easy to put up signs (but i’m very open to other companies if someone knows a better one).

anyhow here are the two 3’x7’ signs that i will probably be ordering for inside the building. these come with an easily collapsible stand.

any thoughts?

inside banner 1 copy inside banner 2 copy

here’s what i’m looking at for the portable sign for outside. it’s 3’x9’ with grommets. woohoo!

outside banner copy

Our Inflation is Nothing

I read an article today concerning the amazing inflation of Zimbawe. The official inflation right right now according to the government is 2.2 million percent a year, though some analysts believe the actual rate is closer to 12.5 million percent a year. For those of you who are not economically inclined, think of it like this. If a Diet Coke (God’s nectar) costs $1 on January 1st it will cost about $34,223 on January 2nd and by December 31st it will cost $12.5 million. Since, most analysts contribute this inflation to mismanagement by the Zimbabwean president, Robert Mugabee, it makes me feel for the population. How do you survive in the midst of this type of inflation.

Here’s the article on the situation.

CHRISTian the lion

this is the video i talked about with the tapestry launch team today at lunch.

basically these two guys raised a lion from cub to lion. when he was too big they figured out a way to release him into the wilds of africa. after a year they wanted to visit and see how he was doing. when they got to africa they were told that CHRISTian (the lion) was now the head of his pride and would not remember him for he was now completely wild. this video is what happened.

it gets a little sappy at the end but it’s still cool.


ht pamela

my discing for the day
course – mead
holes – 9
score – +1

my run for the day
distance – 3.0 miles
time – 34:31
pace = 11:31/mile
weather – 66°/clear


"the secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources."
albert einstein

i pride myself on finding a lot of sources for new and different things. i’m not a very creative person but i am quite decent at adapting what other people have done. when i say adapting what i mean is being inspired by someone else’s work to develop something new. adapting is not copying! copying is just duplicating. of course, either way, whether merely copying and adapting, i believe you should always try to give credit to the original source. i try to do this with any significant influence.

the opposite of this is plagiarism and it drives me nuts. i was reading a random blog today when i realized that the wording of the post seemed a little familiar. i bounced around on a google and found the exact wording posted a week earlier on another person’s blog. i would just chalk this up to someone posting someone else’s thoughts and accidentally forgetting to credit the original writer but the plagiaristic blogger actually went to the point of saying that the writing was his thoughts based on someone else’s post. of course, his apparent thoughts are word for word the same as the original blog post.

come on people. plagiarism isn’t cool.

SIDE NOTE – it wasn’t one of my posts that was plagiarized. it’s just a personal pet peeve of mine and therefore i thought i would rant a little.

my disc scores for the day
course – mead
holes – 18
score – +3