"the secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources."
albert einstein

i pride myself on finding a lot of sources for new and different things. i’m not a very creative person but i am quite decent at adapting what other people have done. when i say adapting what i mean is being inspired by someone else’s work to develop something new. adapting is not copying! copying is just duplicating. of course, either way, whether merely copying and adapting, i believe you should always try to give credit to the original source. i try to do this with any significant influence.

the opposite of this is plagiarism and it drives me nuts. i was reading a random blog today when i realized that the wording of the post seemed a little familiar. i bounced around on a google and found the exact wording posted a week earlier on another person’s blog. i would just chalk this up to someone posting someone else’s thoughts and accidentally forgetting to credit the original writer but the plagiaristic blogger actually went to the point of saying that the writing was his thoughts based on someone else’s post. of course, his apparent thoughts are word for word the same as the original blog post.

come on people. plagiarism isn’t cool.

SIDE NOTE – it wasn’t one of my posts that was plagiarized. it’s just a personal pet peeve of mine and therefore i thought i would rant a little.

my disc scores for the day
course – mead
holes – 18
score – +3

the trifecta

i have now taken pam and both the boys smallmouth bass fishing and they have all caught their first smallie. a lot of people around here hate smallmouth bass fishing but this wisconsin transplant loves it. they are so much fun. of course, the place i go for smallie fishing also brings out the occassional walleye and catfish which make for good eating.

anyhow, here is everyone’s first smallie.

noah's first smallmouth bass adam's first smallmouth bass pam's first smallmouth bass