asus 901

everyone i have talked to concerning planting a portable church has told me to try and have contingency plans for as much as you can. so of this means have duplicates for everything possible. several of the people i have talked to have described how often they have computer problems (laptops take a decent amount of abuse). therefore several have recommended having a second laptop. that’s why i’m looking at an ultra portable for a back up computer. they are extremely small, solid state (thus no moving parts) and relatively cheap. the asus 901 should be coming out in the u.s. this week. depending upon what the street price for this thing ends up being it will probably be the computer i get for tapestry’s spare. it’s a small little bugger that would do everything we need. in fact, i might use it to send out a live feed of the service via the internet.

the family shot


there is a group of ra’s in thorndale, texas that is praying for us and tapestry. they’ve asked for a photo of the terrell family that they could use within their church for encouraging others to pray for what is happening within tapestry and the point area. of course, we’re all over the idea of people joining us in prayer so we went out to the wisconsin river this afternoon to get a family photo for them. because of some already established plans we had to do this when the sun was still pretty bright and in our eyes but i love this spot so much that we’ll be going back out and taking a real family photo once adam and i get back from the camps we are going to. we live in an amazingly gorgeous place.

this other photo is just an odd one from our excursion. there was a fun one of adam but he has asked me not to put it up. DSC_0082_edited-1

thanks mom & dad

guide 147

thanks to a surprise from my mom & dad i’ll be buying a canoe sooner than i had thought. the model above is the one i’m looking at. it’s an old town guide 147. the current models are only in green and red but dunham sports has a model from last year that’s yellow. oh yeah, i like the yellow. since i’m going to preach at a youth camp next week (RANDOM PERSONAL ADVERTISMENT – if there are any other camps or retreats that need a preacher/teacher i would gladly do them, more for the opportunity to be involved in youth ministry again than any money i would get paid – especially since next week’s camp pays nothing) so i’ll look into buying it the week after. this of course, means that i will now have the ability to take people to the small mouth spot that andy showed me. woohoo!

thanks again mom & dad.

SIDE NOTE – i ran into ben (associate pastor of good shepherd luteran church in plover) and he introduced me to cha cha. i love it. basically it’s a service that you can call and leave your question on. they will then find the answer on the internet and text it to your phone. it’s great. i’ve already used it several times today to get the answers to questions that i was merely curious about. it’s up there with jott & googlesms/goog411 on my short list of numbers all people most have on their cell phones. thanks ben.

my run for the day
distance – 5.0 miles
time – 51:45
pace – 10:21/mile
weather – 72°


penza and disc golf

noah and i went to play disc golf with penza this afternoon. we went to yulga which is not a smart place to take a kid for his first time playing disc golf.

man, that’s a hard course.

for those who have never played disc golf i’ll tell you the reason that yulga is so hard … trees. as you can tell from the photo above someone thought it would be fun to set up a disc golf course in the middle of a pine forest. all i know is that it’s frustrating because trees and flying discs don’t mix very well.

SIDE NOTE – while i’m not sure who i will be voting for in our upcoming presidential race (neither candidate sees things exactly as i do – for example, obama supports abortion, mccain supports the death penalty, i am pro-life and thus opposed to both) i would like to say that james dobson does not speak for me. i don’t think dobson treated obama’s statements fairly at all.

confronted and ignored


i love public radio. i listen to it all the time. saturday while driving back from a camp planning meeting i was able to listen to a couple of interesting interviews, 1) richard dawkins talking about how he believes religion is useless, and 2) alistar mcgrath (who is one of my favorite writers) talking about how faith is the greatest. this post is not about how i think dawkins is wrong (which i do) but rather concerning one statement that dawkins made. when asked about sin dawkins said that he felt like the only “sins” CHRISTians every talked about where private sins, which he believes do not effect society. he said that churches never discussed societal or public evil that effects everyone. this is what i would like to talk about, is dawkins right? do we only talk about private sins and never public sins? what sins do churches confront and what sins do churches usually ignore?

usually confronted usually ignored
  • illegal drugs
  • homosexual behavior
  • cursing
  • getting drunk
  • premarital sex
  • gluttony
  • evil business methods
  • honoring the parents
  • sloth
  • neglect of the weak

ok, i know it’s not much of a list but i have camp stuff that i am working on right now. all i really wanted to do was get this down somewhere. so what do you think? what evils are confronted and what evils are ignored within the modern evangelical church? what about within the modern liberal church? within the fundamentalist church?

advent conspiracy

[AC] advent conspiracy from jon jollins on Vimeo.

this is amazing. it’s advent conspiracy and pam and i are talking about doing it. i also believe i’m going to talk to tapestry about being a part of it. basically the idea is that the birth of CHRIST was a revolutionary event. therefore, our celebration of that revolutionary event should some how be revolutionary and counter cultural in it’s manner. advent conspiracy suggests we do this by:

  1. worshipping more
  2. spending less
  3. giving more
  4. loving all

those are just the bullet points. the website does a great job of explaining it all.

our little house guest

our little house guest

this cute little guy made his appearance in our house last night. we know this because oreo, our cat, was chasing him around all night. i caught him this morning and i released him at jack’s park. pam freaked out.

of course, he’s only cute if he is the only little guy in our house. which, of course, he is. there are no other little rodents in our house. except for adam and noah that is.