may it never stand still

the above photo is from my facebook profile (if i’m not your friend just look me up and add me – i’ll gladly confirm you). anyhow mike (a member of the leadership team, a great disc golfer, and apparently a lousy fisherman) posted the above statements on my wall. it was so cool to see that he is already thinking “may it never stand still” in regards to tapestry. in the last six weeks we have taken some huge steps, but the goal isn’t to be satisfied with where we’ve reached. the goal is to follow CHRIST more and more. i hope we have a “not that we have already arrived” type of mindset. i hope that we become a group of people who are pushing and striving for more faith in CHRIST and taking more “leaps to faith” every day. it would be awesome if three years from now tapestry is taking more risks than we have in our first six weeks. that’s the type of church that i want to be a part of (and the type that i think i already am a part of). my hope is that tapestry will be a group that believes its only satisfaction is in CHRIST but is never completely satisfied with what we are presently experiencing in and through HIM. i hope that we are a group that always wants more of HIM and wants to follow HIM a little more closely. if this becomes who we are then we will continue to more forward in following HIM.

may we will never stand still!

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