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every thursday night the tapestry leadership team gets together at our house to eat, discuss what GOD is doing in and through tapestry, bounce ideas around, and watch “the office” together. it’s a good time because we all pretty much love hanging out together.

anyhow this week was great because of two reasons: 1) we heard a report from a non-church goer we had asked to come and critique one of our sunday night worship gatherings, and 2) we agreed upon being a part of the advent conspiracy.

awhile back i had meet a new friend who had only been to church a few times in her life and those visits where for weddings. she had never been to a church worship service. i asked her if she would come and critique one of our worship gatherings. i joking referred to it as “renting an atheist.” the goal was to make sure that we were not unintentionally talking in religious code or doing things that did not make sense to people who had not been raised in the church. she graciously agreed to come to one of tapestry’s worship gatherings and give us her thoughts. tonight was the night that she reported. she actually brought a friend with her to the worship gathering this past sunday and brought another friend with her to the report tonight. it was great. they were all extremely helpful in their critique and gave us some much needed input on the things we are doing within tapestry that are actually connecting. it was a fun evening listening and talking with them, as well as having extra people at the house to watch “the office” (more laughter = more fun).

the other great thing was that we discussed involving tapestry in the advent conspiracy. i posted about the conspiracy back in june. at that time i talked about the conspiracy being something that i hoped tapestry would like to be a part of. tonight that became a reality. the above video does a wonderful job of explaining the basics of what the advent conspiracy is. i’ll begin to bring this up at tapestry this sunday and we’ll focus on it until CHRISTmas. i think this fits perfectly with the dna of tapestry.

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  1. Very interesting. Sounds like your guest was somewhat enthusiastic about your group.

    Let me ask the hard question now. During your time together did you connect her with Jesus and his message?

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