some of you helped cook tonight


i just wanted to say “thanks” again to so many of you. when i left parkview a year ago they threw a party (i’m still not sure if it was out of joy or sadness over me leaving). at the end of the party jess, meg, josh, and the parkview youth gave me a jambalaya pot and some fixins. this pot has been used quite a bit since moving to wisconsin.

tonight the pot was used to fix the weekly meal for the “place of peace.” the “place of peace” provides a free meal each week for all who need it. a lot of independent living residents of point go for the meal. i spent most of my day fixing a meal for about 45 people. that would not have even been an option if it had not been for all those who thought of giving me the jambalaya pot. so if you are a part of that group i wanted to tell you that you made dinner for 45 people tonight and it was pretty good.

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