pam's eye for the straight guy

awhile back pam said i needed new clothes. this is a big deal because i rarely buy clothes. my clothes usually come from birthday and CHRISTmas presents. until recently this system had worked pretty well for me. i had clothes and i didn’t have to go shopping. it was the best of both worlds.

a few weeks ago pam said i had to get some new clothes because i had worn out most of my better looking outfits and the others were working terribly out of date. i looked at what i was wearing and determined that she was right. so pam took me shopping and i came back with nice looking clothes.

i know the clothes are nice looking because today everyone has been telling me so. seriously, i have had two different groups of people say “you’re looking very good today.” it’s not something that i am used to. i will probably have to take pam’s advice more often.

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  1. I guess I’m in trouble then. Most of my clothes came with me from the US three years ago and they were old then.

  2. Last couple of times I was in the states I went to stores like Kohls and Ross (I hope I spelled them correctly) and loaded up suitcases full of 3 to 5 dollar shirts and pants. All nice and new. My wife got lots of 2 to 8 dollar outfits and dresses. Last time I think we spent $100 and came back with 10 outfits each. Gotta make your missionary dollar stretch.


  3. Kenny used to be like you. About once every three years he would shop for replacement work clothes. However, about two years ago I introduced him to the clearance rack. Now, he comes home with new clothes all the time. I almost regret it, though, because he usually comes home with something he found on the clearance rack at a golf store.

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