cnn & palin

i saw this a few minutes ago and thought “wow it’s about to hit the fan.” cnn said sarah palin was now talking openly about running in 2012. i was floored. then i watched the whole thing and i think cnn blew everything out of proportion but i still think palin may have screwed up. so here are my two thoughts:

  • palin did not start speaking openly about running in 2012. instead she responded to a question concerning what would happen if they lost. of course, i would imagine that as far as the mccain camp is concerned she probably responded poorly.
  • palin answered poorly. i think wolf blitzer did hit the nail on the head at the end of the segment when he said “that is not supposed to be something that you say. you are supposed to say, ‘well, i’m not looking ahead, i’m not looking ahead only to tuesday,’” i really don’t think palin has done much to help mccain win this election. in my opinion if he gets elected it will probably be in spite of her. yes, i know some of y’all think the world of her. since i think the world of most of you i’m sorry to say that i just can’t go there.

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