the trophies

the trophies

this is what you win when you do well in curling. the one of the right is from winning the ‘08-‘09 open tournament and the one of the left is from coming in second on our evening for the ‘08-‘09 season. i don’t drink alcohol so i’m not an expert here but i’m pretty sure the short glass is meant for whiskey sour old-fashioneds which are a big deal around here. of course, i could be completely off base in my guess. could my drinking blog readers help me out here?

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  1. The short glass appears to be a standard tumbler for whiskey sours, scotch/burbon, most mixed drinks (rum and coke, jack and coke, ect)….the taller one appears to be a highball tumbler which is just a taller version. Just my 2 cents….

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