tapestry advertising warning

i’m not sure why but i always feel guilty blatantly advertising on my blog for something that is going on a tapestry. i know it’s stupid. anyhow i just thought i would post the graphics for the 4×6” cards for advent conspiracy at tapestry and the 11×17” poster (which is the same as the front of the 4×6” card, only bigger.

here’s the 4×6” card – front and back.

AC-card-front_edited-1 AC-card-back_edited-1

here’s the 11×17” poster


like i said the front of the 4×6” is the exact same as the 11×17” poster. so i’m not real sure why i posted it. anyhow if you want to print one up now you can.

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  1. like i said, i know it’s stupid. my biggest issue is that i’ve read a few pastor’s blogs which are merely excuses to advertise church stuff. they drive me nuts because the blog has very little to do with anything other than getting people to read adverts for the next church event masquerading as personal thoughts.

  2. Robert, Are these cards already printed? If not, correct the spelling of “conspiracy” on the back of the 4×6 card. Otherwise, looks good!

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