deer hide inspiration

Deer Hides

ok, i’m going to start this by admitting that i know this is a bit off. the above photo is from the lions club building that is on the main stevens point area drag. it is exactly what it looks like. the lions club is seeking to raise funds to take kids to their lions club camps by getting people to donate the hides from the deers that they kill during hunting season. i think it’s brilliant and extremely creative. someone in the lions club realized that they could take something most people throw away or at the most turn into fleet farm for a $10 gift card and use it to raise funds for accomplishing their mission. apparently it is working because the box keeps filling up. this is not your traditional way of accomplishing an organization’s goal and that is what i love about it.

if only the church could be this creative. if only tapestry can be this creative. well maybe as creative as the spirit of the deer hide gathering. i’m not real sure that i want to go about collecting deer hides.