april fool's

i just got fooled by sojo.net.

i get the sojourner’s email updates. i probably lean a little left of center but i still don’t always agree with everything that jim wallis and sojourners say. anyhow, the email today indicated that rush limbaugh was going to be delivering a keynote address at sojo’s mobilization to end poverty.

my first thought when reading this was “really?!?!?”.

my second thought was “REALLY?!?!?!?!?”

i just couldn’t see this happening. i’ve been gone a couple of days and out of the news loop but i still thought i would have heard something concerning a right wing spokesperson buddying up to a left wing spokesperson.

so they got me. their prank convinced me enough that i didn’t start believing anything was fake until i watched the above video. watching the video i decided that i should probably skip to the end of the email and see if this was a prank.

yep, it was. i was fooled.

SIDE NOTE – if anyone has any interesting stories of life defeating death i would love to hear them and possibly use them at tapestry this sunday.

SIDE SIDE NOTE – i haven’t pulled a good april fool’s day joke in years. i need to work on one.

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