the new use for the light

indoor gobo

i’ve posted before about the gobo sign that tapestry uses for outside identification when daylight savings time is not in practice. now that daylight savings time is happening we don’t need the gobo outside (because it obviously won’t work in the daylight) so it has been given a new home that i like. it is now working inside the gym. the above photo is what it looked like sunday. i know it’s basically meaningless but it makes me happy.

the week in tweets – 2009-03-28

  • We’re home. Good night. #
  • I sitting second in my bracket right now, but I think everything it about to fall apart. #
  • last words of my sermon at Tapestry tonight … “JESUS tells a story about .. HOLY CRAP! … I’ll stop now” #
  • @ppolnaszek – i thought that was fellowship? in reply to ppolnaszek #
  • @johnthemember – thanks john. now i have to plan a way to get you and perry back over here when i am in point. in reply to johnthemember #
  • @bsheets – yeah it was funny, but not planned. i wasn’t as prepare on delivery this week and went WAY over. noticed it as starting a story. in reply to bsheets #
  • @ppolnaszek – we’ll have to soon . i may just decide to come over to fellowship one sunday morning to see how y’all do things. in reply to ppolnaszek #
  • terrell family marital discord? pam hated this week’s episode of “the office”. i loved it. #
  • Watching 8 wild turkeys feed in our backyard about 15 feet from me #
  • @edstetzer – what’s the name of the biography? I’m assuming “Sister Aimee” in reply to edstetzer #
  • @edstetzer – nevermind. just found it ( sister aimee – the american experience in reply to edstetzer #
  • the dogs sleep too long, therefore i just walked them around outdoors, it started raining terribly bad #
  • – car accident and fire on church street – i’ve never seen a car catch on fire as a result of an accident. all … #
  • @ppolnaszek – i owe you an apology concerning McDonald’s coffee. Had it for the first time and it’s good. Better than Starbucks, not Emy J’s #
  • Going to hear Jürgen Moltmann in September – Thanks to the great and glorious Pam my space has been acquired! #
  • @edstetzer – was the video “the american experience: sister aimee”? #
  • @johnthemember – for the better or worse? in reply to johnthemember #
  • Some days I am amazed by how much I get done with so little effort. Other days I work hard to accomplish almost nothing. Today is the latter #
  • In one of Pam’s community meetings and there is a guy here who looks just like Roger Clinton. #
  • @jesslawrence1 – that KLOVE crap gets old VERY QUICKLY – how can people stand you anymore 🙂 in reply to jesslawrence1 #
  • @edstetzer great interview ( – favorite quote “Baptists like to talk more about evangelism than to actually do it” #
  • @dannygilliam just looked at the site you were talking about. still trying to pick my jaw up off the floor in reply to dannygilliam #
  • @meganckelly – do tell? in reply to meganckelly #
  • it’s polito’s pizza for leadership tonight – mhmmmm. #
  • why do duke and memphis hate me? #
  • @dannygilliam – apparently not in reply to dannygilliam #
  • my bracket is basically over now #
  • When did everyone decided that it was appropriate to answer their phones and carry on cell phone conversations in the library? #
  • How can you tell if the person in front of you at the grocery student is a college student or not? The ramen noodle to real food ratio. #
  • @calvinb – apparently not enough of them because i was very disturbed in reply to calvinb #
  • @bsheets – thanks. from the looks of things i was the only one at the library left out of that memo. in reply to bsheets #
  • @exchangedliving – not much 🙂 in reply to exchangedliving #
  • Noah just announced to Pam that the Kid’s Choice Awards are his Oscars. The Oscars are a huge deal for Pam that dare not be interrupted. #

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a GOD sized task

this afternoon while meeting with a couple who have been coming to tapestry for a month i was reminded of the need for CHRISTians to try GOD-sized things. brent and rachel moved to stevens point from around chicago. there they were a part of the chapel and worked within the chapel’s domestic missions. we were talking about it and rachel said that the goal for her mission was to end all hunger in their county. that’s a large goal. some would say that was probably an impossible aim. that’s what makes it GOD-sized, because GOD likes to do the impossible.

as the bride of CHRIST we need to aim for GOD-sized goals. i’m not sure if we are doing that enough. GOD has to be present and working for us to accomplish GOD-sized goals. when we aim small we don’t need GOD. we can reach tiny goals on our own. yeah we can brag about succeeding with them and pretend like we saw GOD do something but we know the truth … we usually do them in our own strength. that’s not true with GOD-sized goals. with them we are going to fail if GOD doesn’t show up. with GOD-sized goals HE gets all the credit because HE is the only ONE WHO could accomplish them.

i know our present economic time calls for prudence and i agree with that. i’m not talking about any church over-reaching itself with its finances. instead, i think we need to push the limits on our love and sacrifice. if we love and sacrifice in GOD-sized manners i think really cool things will happen and i want to be a part of that.

oh how i wish

i became facebook friends with a guy who visited tapestry this past week. he seems to be a pretty nice guy. anyhow looking on his wall on monday he made a statement concerning visiting a “radical church” which i am going to assume is tapestry (i have no way of knowing how many churches he may have visited on this past sunday so this could easily be another church). here’s a screen shot of his status line and the comments made under it (the names have been blurred out to protect the innocent).


so based on my assumption that he is talking about tapestry i want to make two comments.

1st, OH YES we definitely do need to be a church of people wearing “sweet 80’s pants and jean jackets.”  i lived through those days and would probably still be wearing all that stuff if it wasn’t for pam. i’m sure i still have some parachute pants and a member’s only jacket or two at my parents’ house. hmmmmm, good times. of course, we would also have to force people to wear some of those great bill cosby sweaters – lots of bold colors equals lots of fun.

2nd, i truly hope we can become a church worthy being considered “radical.” i think JESUS pushed the limits and the powers responded by hating HIM (and still do). GOD’s freedom, grace, and absurd love seem to cause that type of reaction. i hope tapestry can truly follow CHRIST in that manner. i once heard someone say the following (i can’t remember who to give credit to)

that all the apostles were imprisoned, beaten, chased off, lied about, and killed by the powerful and the religious for how they followed JESUS. when we go through the same things it may indicate we’re actually doing a decent job of following HIM.

i hope we one day merit being considered “radical” (80’s slang or not) in our faith.

touched twice united

Perry Describes TTU from Robert Terrell on Vimeo.

disclaimer – i’m on the board of touched twice united so my opinion is slightly biased – of course, it is actually one of the most amazing opportunities you and your church will ever have.

ok, i’ve done my disclaimer now i can speak freely. TOUCHED TWICE UNITED IS AMAZING! it really is a cool way of doing GOD-things.

basically ttu is a way of getting churches, community organizations, and community leaders to work together to help the weakest citizens in their counties. imagine combining a medical, dental, hearing, and vision clinic with any other service you can imagine (beauty salon, oil change service, etc.) and doing it with a $0 budget. that’s part of what touched twice is. churches work together to find people who are already wanting to help their community. the churches also look for ways that are already in their communities of meeting the needs that will be discovered. for example, hold as a part of a vision clinic touched twice gets the lions club involved – those lions love  working with the vision impaired – i know this because my dad used to sale the lions club brooms and lights door to door when he was a lion). another example in wisconsin is the fact that there are free dental supplies that the state will offer to any dentist doing charitable work. there are tons of ways of meeting needs that are already in our communities which are simply not very well known. you get all this together and then provide every person in need who shows up for a clinic an “advocate” who will help them to discover needs, determine what can be done, walk them through the process, and will pray with them.

it’s an amazing thing and did i mention that a touched twice clinic is usually done on a ZERO budget? this is why the national institute of health is interested in it (which should make jonathan wilmore happy). if you’re church is interested in learning more or doing one give me a ring, visit the website (the new one is which will be fully functional by may 1st), or even better yet contact perry polnaszek and let him tell you about ttu. as a group we have a goal of having a clinic in every county in the u.s of a by 2011. it’s a big goal but the clinics are really taking off – which is what usually happens with good ideas.

tapestry is going to be a part of doing one later this year and i’m pretty pumped about.

upcoming seminars

i’m pretty pumped about two conferences that i will be going to this year. the two conferences are:

  • q 2009 – april 27-29 – q is an intriguing way to do a convention. get a lot of great presenters to address some of the most amazing questions of our present situation. then encourage as much discussion on those subjects as possible at the convention. this year it involves alan hirsch, chris seay, john burke, and more. it is going to be great.
  • 2009 theological conversation – september 9-11 – this is the yearly emergent village convention. some people love emergent village and some people hate it. i’m probably in the middle. the reason i am going to this year’s theological conversation is because it will be led by jürgen moltmann. enough said. dr. moltmann is amazing. i first read his stuff in seminary (1992-94) and have loved him since then. four sessions with dr. moltmann! this will be incredible.

btw, if anyone is going to be in austin (q 2009) or chicago (theological conversation) for those two conferences i would be very interested in grabbing a room with you.

SIDE NOTE – i was driving to emy j’s coffee today and saw this car on fire from a three car collision that had happened moments before. i stopped to make sure everyone was okay and left when the police officers arrived an started shooing people away (they had this brilliant idea that it would probably be wise to move people away from the gasoline containing vehicles that were on fire and might explode – not sure why we were all comfortable standing 40’ away from this). anyhow, there were injuries but the officer believed that everyone was going to be okay.

i’ve seen vehicles catch on fire before but never actually as a result of an accident until today.


besides seeing my family in alabama the best part of heading down south is the food. i prefer so much of wisconsin over the south. i would rather have a supper cold & dry winter than i terribly hot and humid summer. i would rather go fishing on rivers that require canoes than boats. i would choose wisconsin cheese over whatever southern cheese there is (probably velveeta). etc., etc. on 90% of the comparisons it is really easy to choose wisconsin over the south.

yet that changes dramatically when we start talking about food. i think i probably gained 10 lbs from all the food i ate. i know for a fact that i ate lunch at two different places on one day just because i was afraid i wouldn’t get to eat at either of them again during the week. it’s not even just the nice restaurants that i love. some of the fast food restaurants and “mom and pop” joints are my favorite places to eat. raising cane’s, dempsey’s las trace amigos, chick-fil-a, deanies, wintzel’s, etc. oh how i love these places.

the week in tweets – 2009-03-21

  • @dhaltom7 – he was a drunk good for nothing war criminal 😉 in reply to dhaltom7 #
  • We’re about to go eat at Cane’s – I love Wisconsin but I do wish we had a Raisin Cane’s in Point. #
  • @dhaltom7 – probably. in reply to dhaltom7 #
  • Cane’s = happy kids #
  • @meganckelly – conjoined triplets? in reply to meganckelly #
  • PERSONAL REMINDER – next time I come down South in March I will bring shorts even though there is still snow on the ground in Wisconsin. 🙂 #
  • @johnthemember – you were going too?!?!?!?! now i really wish i could have been there. in reply to johnthemember #
  • missing Tapestry a little – I know good things are happening which makes me miss it all the more. #
  • starting PMCP8301 Church Planting Leadership with Jack Allen @ NOBTS #
  • @meganckelly – ice can be really bad stuff – i don’t remember, was your parents’ house hit hard? in reply to meganckelly #
  • Dr. Allen just told a twittering story and said he didn’t care if someone twitter the class. Time to find out. #
  • One of my classmates just announced that he ended up buying three copies of one of our textbooks. #
  • military authority training – don’t stand in front of the guys who have the guns #PMCP8301 #
  • was the calvinist/ariminian debate predetermined or is it free will to choose to argue #PMCP8301 #
  • Dr. Allen definitely like church planting – a good thing #PMCP8301 #
  • thinking of Perry in #PMCP8301. Perry you, Fellowship, and TTU are doing amazing things. #
  • glad I have a couple of mentors that I respect #PMCP8301 #
  • easiest thing in the world to do is to make a rule #PMCP8301 #
  • River attitude versus reservoir attitude in leadership – oh i like that – A river flows. A reservoir stores and keeps. #
  • River attitude versus reservoir attitude in leadership – oh i like that – A river flows. A reservoir stores and keeps. #PMCP8301 #
  • that’s a different meaning of “organic discipleship” than I had thought of #PMCP8301 #
  • what’s really important this week? #PMCP8301 #
  • high buy-in is important #PMCP8301 #
  • you get what you reward – this should affect how we measure progress #PMCP8301 #
  • what makes people want to pray more? answered prayers! #PMCP8301 #
  • @dhaltom7 – the prof in the seminar i am in mentioned that he didn’t mind someone twittering the class. therefore i thought i would. in reply to dhaltom7 #
  • @dhaltom7 – you’re probably right in reply to dhaltom7 #
  • can social justice be encompassed within a model of leadership #PMCP8301 #
  • more and more thankful everyday that GOD provided a “person of peace” in Stevens Point very quickly #PMCP8301 #
  • we hear that stuff, we think it’s true, but we don’t really believe it because we don’t follow through on it #PMCP8301 #
  • anyone read “Facts about the Young Unchurched”? #PMCP8301 #
  • @ppolnaszek – the ones i’ve gotten to know are quite cool. the class has made me think of some of the cool things you’ve done in reply to ppolnaszek #
  • loved this quote “for many of them the best leader they know is themselves” #PMCP8301 #
  • apparently i need to look into “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” #PMCP8301 #
  • quote “a lot of these people have made their life off of freedom” – shouldn’t we do church off of freedom too? galatians 5:1 #PMCP8301 #
  • that is the largest high school building I have ever seen #PMCP8301 #
  • one of the biggest mistakes churches make is that they do all their evangelism and outreach before their plant, and then they stop #PMCP8301 #
  • fun quote “sometimes we think just because we know JESUS we therefore know everything else.” made me laugh #PMCP8301 #
  • Sammy just made an interesting point concerning adding African American history to our courses on North American missiology #PMCP8301 #
  • best statement of the seminar thus far “i don’t quit easily … i have eight kids” #PMCP8301 #
  • just saw my twitter followers drop by 3 – i’m sure the seminar’s tweets caused it. don’t worry guys & girls this is just for one more day #
  • Ashley from Billoxi just explained that 50 of the 55 leaders he has trained in the last 10 years have moved – wow #PMCP8301 #
  • new best statement – nonbelieving owner told a church planter that it was GOD’s will for him to buy her property at asking price #PMCP8301 #
  • do house churches work with EXTREMELY transient populations? #PMCP8301 #
  • who knew that a lot of Canadians went to Lafayette, Louisiana? #PMCP8301 #
  • it’s crawfish poboy time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #
  • – just got back from eating a crawfish poboy at deanies. mhmmmmmm #
  • @dhaltom7 – nope i’m in NOLA. may drive up tonight depending upon when my seminar is over. in reply to dhaltom7 #
  • @manheart – don’t worry i ate more than enough for both of us. in reply to manheart #
  • “keep your eyes open and pray and GOD will show you what you need to know” #PMCP8301 #
  • new favorite statement of the seminar “why does Benny Hinn wear glasses?” *rofl* #PMCP8301 #
  • quote “if your key influencers aren’t on board with you they’ll just fire you” – another reason i love tapestry #PMCP8301 #
  • if a MWBC church starts a church planting with it’s own funds will the MWBC match those funds? #PMCP8301 #
  • I love seeing Southern friends & family & eating fried food but I think I’m ready to be back with Pam & the boys and head back home to Point #
  • i’m 10 of 12 right now with no loses that hurt the next round – not bad #marchmadness #
  • ’bout time for me to start my presentation #
  • finished my presentation – i thought it would be inappropriate to tweet my own presentation 😉 nothing good anyhow. #PMCP8301 #
  • C.S. Lewis “likes” one of my facebook statuses – I think my life is now complete. #
  • fun quote “you’ve heard all those evangelists over the years beg, cry tears, and beat their wives for money” – Really? #PMCP8301 #
  • battling over the definition of evangelism – sad thing is that we probably don’t do that enough #PMCP8301 #
  • fun how GOD pulls in the people & resources that are a needed when we actually attempt impossible things #PMCP8301 #
  • David were you speaking in tongues? #PMCP8301 #
  • fun quote “JESUS CHRIST was a supermodel!” #PMCP8301 #
  • listening to a church planting suggestion for a church called THUG church in Mississippi – made me laugh #PMCP8301 #
  • $75,000 a year for a church planter? No wonder that church didn’t make it. #PMCP8301 #
  • worship style seems to matter a lot to churched & dechurched people – not sure it matters *as much* to unchurched – #PMCP8301 #
  • class time is over – now to begin to the post-seminar project #PMCP8301 #
  • @meganckelly We’re driving through Paducah at the moment and the tree damage from the ice is amazing. #
  • Driving South to North through Illinois is not a ton of fun. It is a long, flat state. #
  • Finally in Wisconsin. Getting closer to home. #

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best lines from PMCP8301 – day 1

a list of statements that stood out today in the church planting leadership d.min seminar i am presently in. these are not necessarily states that i agreed or disagreed with. they are just statements that stood out as if audiologically highlighted when they were said:

  • guys it’s not let’s throw mud on the bride time
  • i’m not bipolar or anything like that
  • all sbc churches are non-denominational at their core – local church autonomy should mean non-denominationalism.
  • we need to learn how to think in ways that help people to do the kingdom things that they do best
  • you want to have the right people on the bus and have them in the right seats
  • you’re a “pastor of the next thing”
  • can you figure me out?
  • nobody knows what “missional” means
  • sarcasm is a spiritual gift and paul had it … read your bible
  • they made fun of him in the rabbit movie
  • there are really just two types of people in the world … cat lovers and dog lovers
  • you get what you reward – this should affect how we measure progress
  • military authority training – don’t stand in front of the guys who have the guns

she's a red squirrel

pam invented the greatest phrase today. the phrase is “she’s a red squirrel.”

it happened this way.

we love the squirrels in wisconsin. we have HUGE gray squirrels, which almost ever place has, but in addition to the grays we also have blacks squirrels and red squirrels. the black ones are a color variation of the typical gray squirrel. pam and i think they look like russian relatives of the gray squirrel. the red squirrels are about 1/3 the size of your typical gray squirrel. they are just a little bigger than a chipmunk. the red squirrels also are about the fastest things you have ever seen. they bounce all over the place. we all love watching them in the back yard. they run from one spot to the next and then back to their original spot. adam once described them as squirrels with attention deficit disorder junked up on speed. it’s a pretty accurate description.

anyhow pam was describing someone today that is a friend of hers. i’ve never met this lady so pam was giving me a brief run down of her personality. somewhere during her attempt she finally said “she’s a red squirrel.”

i instantly knew what pam’s friend was like. i can’t wait to get back to wisconsin and use this phrase.