the tenebrae program

here’s the tenebrae program from tonight. it was a cool evening. it’s a very simple service that involved a good number of people to do it. i think the most meaningful part of the gathering for me was actually the room in which we held it. as a church we continually talk about the church not having walls but it’s still real easy to associate worship with a place – even when you just rent that place for a half a day each week. i loved the fact that we were doing this incredibly somber worship gathering in the university center of uwsp while students, faculty, and others were walking around outside the door and stopping to find out what was going on. i saw a couple of people that i have talked with before concerning faith and they were intrigued with what we were doing in the university center. for me it was a great reminder of BEING the church in the community.

SIDE NOTE – every so often while speaking i reference the people who are a part of tapestry by calling us “tapestrites” or “tapestronians.”  tonight i made reference to “tapestrities” and natalie g shouted out that we should be called “threads.” THIS IS BRILLIANT. as far as i am concerned the people of tapestry will from now on be referred to as “threads.”

SIDE SIDE NOTE – the “not my job” section of this week’s episode of “wait, wait … don’t tell me” is one of the funniest things i’ve ever heard. paula poundstone explaining the ingredients of ringdings is classic.

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