random tuesday things

not much to say today (but when has that ever kept me from saying something?). therefore, i’m posting a few random things from today.

  • great time starting the day off with coffee with perry and john from fellowship church in chippewa falls. great guys. i always learn a ton hanging with these guys. to celebrate easter this year perry and fellowship are doing what they call 40 days of easter. basically they are focusing on celebrating each day for 40 days. i think it’s a great idea. in fact, i wish i had thought of it. 40 days of purposefully living out resurrection. i told him to consider that idea stolen for next year at tapestry.
  • pam, the most wonderful wife in the world, bought me a great backpack for traveling to q 2009. this is great because i needed a backpack but felt like it was a waste when i could just use one of the boys’ old backpacks – which unfortunately look middle schoolie.
  • went fishing with andy lickel today and caught my first 2009 muskie. i’ll post a photo when andy sends me the one he took. i was pretty shocked to catch a muskie this early.
  • i started initial planning today for a touched twice united clinic in stevens point. between tapestry and woodlands church i know there will be at least two clinics in the point area.
  • i love kurt vonnegut. i can’t believe it took me this long in life to finally read any of his work. i haven’t even read his best known work yet, slaughterhouse-five, and i already think he is great.
  • yesterday a stranger heard my southern accent and asked me if i was british?!?!?! i was very surprised that someone could honestly mistake an alabama accent for an english accent. they truly odd thing is that this is the second time this has happened in my life. the other time was about 5 years ago when a couple from germnay thought i sounded british.

my run for the day

  • distance – 3.0 miles
  • time – 31:35
  • pace = 10:32/mile
  • weather – 43

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