resurrection continues

yesterday i tweeted that i was at the hope center painting with a wonderful group of threads (aka people from tapestry). a friend from nobts tweeted back that tapestry sounds like a really cool group. it makes me proud to be associated with them. i was proud before my friend pointed out how cool all the threads are but it’s nice to know that other people recognize it too. anyhow we finished another room at the hope center and a 6th room is now just in need of touch up work. woohoo!

SIDE NOTE – tuesday we did our “film & theology” thing. as a part of it we had screens on the side of the movie screen that displayed the tweets of the people there. it was kind of cool and more people have expressed interest in doing it the next time we do a “film & theology” thing. i liked it so much that i am going to try it a tapestry gathering some time in the near future. as a part of the prep for the night i posted on a couple of blogs. one of those blogs belongs to john volez. through a timelines that i don’t know john was contacted a reporter for time, interviewed, and then asked for other people who had contacted him. that’s how i ended up being contacted and interviewed last night. apparently the article will be on sometime in the near future. i find this all pretty weird but funny also.

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