cocktail kits?

does anyone have any experience with cocktail drum kits? i am considering one for tapestry. sarah, our drummer, has been playing the djembe for tapestry and has been doing a great job. we’ve been talking about moving up to a drum kit for a fuller sound but portability, band size, and the feel of a full kit have been running through my mind. therefore, i was thinking about a cocktail kit. i’m considering one because they would fit in with the simple feel of tapestry and i think they are probably vey portable. i also think they are pretty interesting just because they are different. the problem is that i have no personal experience with them and thus can’t make a very good call on it. sarah is going to try one out this week and obviously her experience will make the final call but i’m still looking for a little input.

so i’m looking for any input that anyone may have to offer. does anyone know anything about them? are they a good alternative or are they cheesy and stupid?

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  1. hi there – I make custom crafted cocktail kits, have a look at my site. I sell direct and I believe, as many of my customers do that I build some might beautiful great sounding kits.

    thanks, Matthew

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