the week in tweets – 2009-05-23

  • lIt’s kind of sad but I’m really ready for 24 to be over now. It was good the first 4 years and then I watched out of habit. Bye Jake. #24. #
  • I can’t believe I forgot to read Dave Barry’s #24 live blog updates this season. What a waste. #
  • i was just congratulated for being honest. Really? Why would you say “congratulations for being honest” to someone in a non-sarastic tone? #
  • @kara_nicole – “question” – at least i like that word. in reply to kara_nicole #
  • @brodan – i didn’t realise that you were that far along in the program. in reply to brodan #
  • went on a quick evening fishing trip with noah only to have him enjoy scaring all the fish by throwing rocks – at least he enjoyed it. #
  • @brodan – doing well. you? still great that you will finish seminars in december. do you know what you will do for your project? in reply to brodan #
  • @hubbacm – you can always count on lewis to make sense of something. i love that man. in reply to hubbacm #
  • @bachriea – your dad must be a nice man not to have slapped you across the face when you told him that lie. ๐Ÿ™‚ in reply to bachriea #
  • i now have a badge. yeah, it’s a chaplain’s badge but it beats the badge you have. so step off punk before i have to hit you with a hose. #
  • @bsheets – don’t loose faith yet. you’re probably right but you still shouldn’t loose faith so fast. ๐Ÿ™‚ in reply to bsheets #
  • blah, blah … blah, blah … blah, blah, blah! #
  • @dannygilliam – we have a winner! in reply to dannygilliam #
  • @ppolnaszek … and that hurts a great deal! ๐Ÿ™‚ in reply to ppolnaszek #
  • I never sleep very well when Pam isn’t here. Poor girl is at the moment traveling 21 hours to Brazil. #
  • @calvinb: “cook for you”? Pam is gone and the boys think we should eat out all the time. It doesn’t matter that we can’t afford it. in reply to calvinb #
  • About to go discing with Adam and put a good fatherly smack down on his teenage disc golf pride ๐Ÿ˜‰ #

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