q 2009

i’m presently in austin waiting for the q conference to begin tomorrow morning. i left this morning and rushed through the minneapolis airport to just barely make my connecting flight – i literally had to get someone to unlock the door and get a counter worker to check me in because everyone else had already been boarded.

anyhow i heard tapestry was wonderful tonight. pam bragged on mike’s preaching and how all the threads pulled together to make everything happen. as a dad i was pretty proud of my boys jumping in and taking care of things. adam did all the computer stuff by himself and then pam sent me the above photo. turns out that noah played the djembe for the band tonight. this makes me sorry i missed it.

for anyone who is interested i will tweet the conference over the next couple of days.

the week in tweets – 2009-04-25

  • http://twitpic.com/3kthy – trivia 2009 at the Terrell house #
  • @Bradismename – it i, it’s tiring but fun. in reply to Bradismename #
  • just went from nailing questions to majorly failing #trivia40 #
  • @Bradismename – it is, it’s tiring but fun. #
  • RT @edstetzer: Msg: Mark Twain: church is “good people standing in front of good people & telling ’em to be good people.” That’s not gospel! #
  • Is it a bad thing if the pastor of a church skips service to continue playing #trivia40? Not that I know anyone who would do that. #
  • @bsheets – what team are you on? #trivia40 in reply to bsheets #
  • @bsheets – crap . y’all are a great team. in reply to bsheets #
  • 54 hours later it’s over #trivia40 #
  • Bohemian Rhapsody for the geek in me – http://tinyurl.com/dd4lhp #
  • Sent in my post-seminar paper and I am now finished with Church PLanting Leadership NOBTS seminar #PMCP8301 #
  • @Jenn1971 – if you couldn’t do it this year what would make you think you could next year? 🙂 in reply to Jenn1971 #
  • Getting last minute things finished for “Film & Theology” tonight @uwft #
  • Plan B for @uwft tonight showing “Stranger than Fiction” instead of “Slumdog Millionaire.” We had unknown licensing problems. #
  • @uwft – testing this thing out #
  • @uwft – thanks drew it works #
  • @uwft – i wish i had that watch #
  • @uwft – it’s okay it’s wednesday #
  • @uwft – apparently twitter is going pretty slow – TAX MAN!!!!!!!! #
  • #uwft – back off drew 😉 #
  • #uwft – that’s a nasty way to put out your cigarette #
  • @uwft – if you just walked in you should know that due to licensing issues we are showing “Stranger than Fiction” rather than “Slumdog” #
  • @uwft – anybody remember the name of the photo of the girl who committed suicide? #
  • @uwft – the author on TV looked a little like Seal #
  • @uwft – watch Hoffman – pretty much every time he is in a scene he eat something during it. not sure why #
  • @uwft – i would be thrilled to know that i wasn’t a gollum #
  • watch for the woman and child in each of these mock killings #
  • @uwft – interesting thought that she is the “god” figure and she says she is not in the business of saving lines – in fact the opposite #
  • @uwft – more food with hoffman #
  • @uwft – that’s mean #
  • @uwft – @alkinnu -i was just search for a meaning for kirck – her name “pascal” has to be a reference to blaise #
  • @uwft – blaise pascal – brilliant french mathematician and believer in JESUS CHIRST. said that all people had a GOD shaped vacuum in them #
  • @uwft – interesting dicatomy between them. he wishes he was more musical – she gave up easy money to follow her love. #
  • @uwfthttp://tinyurl.com/4ze2t quick description o pascal’s wager #
  • @uwft – hoffman had food again – you’re not supposed to eat before swimming #
  • @uwft – i’m doing that right now 😉 #
  • @uwft – not sure that is how i want to define my home – “it’s where i keep my stuff” #
  • @uwft – i didn’t see hoffman eat anything that time – did i miss it? crime & punishment is an excellent book. good pancakes are impressive #
  • @uwft – “go make it the one you always wanted” (ref. life) calls back to pascal – she’s doing that #
  • @uwft – i.e. you’re never too old to live the life you always wanted????? #
  • #uwft – which is what a guitar should say #
  • #i think that amp turned up to “11” #
  • #uwft – that movie was monty python – meaning of life – interesting choice. #
  • #uwft – wow that’s impressive #
  • #uwft – the flowers is what i meant as impresive #
  • #uwft – interesting choice of word “want” – especially saying it to someone named pascal & being willing to do anything to achieve the want #
  • #uwft – he’s just playing E & A – i think #
  • #uwft – he’s want was just achieved by making his life more musical #
  • #uwft – hoffman and food again #
  • #uwft – he’s the only one with color in that office #
  • #uwft – the world of the creator and the creation collide and the creator runs to answer – mhmmmm #
  • #uwft – interesting again – the creator sees her creation and bows to it ?????? #
  • #uwft – the opposite of the CHRIST story? we saw HIM and saw that HE exists and we killed HIM?!?!?!?! #
  • #uwft – didn’t see any food with hoffman that time #
  • #uwft – tweeters – the #replies seem to be taking forever so swap to #hastags #
  • #uwft – WOW – for the story to go on he must knowingly die?!?!?!?! sounds a little familiar – “see if she can change it” gethesamne? #
  • #uwft – he reads the book, finds it true, and let’s it direct his life to the point of death – so do believers in CHRIST still to this day #
  • @uwft – just trying the @reply again to see if twitter is doing better on these now #
  • #uwft – “i love your book and i think you should finish it” implies living by it #
  • @uwft – the film borrows heavily from a famous painting called :son of man” – here it is http://tinyurl.com/5jlh4u #
  • #uwft – so the plan was that the story called for harold to sacrifice himself for another and the creator shouted in pain?!?!?!?!? #
  • #uwft – and he is resurrected. #
  • @uwft – is hoffman the adversary in this story? is he somewhat arguing for kirck’s death? #
  • #uwft – WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #
  • #uwft – yep that would be the kind of MAN you want to keep alive and my faith says HE lives #
  • #uwft – now notice al’s great sweater #
  • @dhaltom7 – we did a “film & theology” thing at UWSP and some of us where twittering the whole thing on sides screens. in reply to dhaltom7 #
  • @joecausey = no worries.it’s a catch up episode. in reply to joecausey #
  • Finished hanging with @ppolnaszek, @johnthemember, and CHRISTian at Perkins. I love spending time with those guys. #
  • @meganckelly – the AC is already on down there? 😉 in reply to meganckelly #
  • An excellent Tapestry is group painting at the Hope Center. #
  • I just received an email from a reporter from Time magazine wanting to discuss using twitter in church. They don’t realize how small I am. #
  • @dannygilliam – thanks. so did you get your paper in on time? in reply to dannygilliam #
  • @hubbacm – don’t be too impressed. it wasn’t much of an interview. just a few questions. in reply to hubbacm #
  • @eLP88 – pretty typical. 😉 in reply to eLP88 #
  • @jesslawrence1 – have you turned into a klove salesperson now? in reply to jesslawrence1 #
  • @jonestony – we’ve tweet our “film & theology” gatherings and are about to try it in a worship gathering. in reply to jonestony #
  • it’s 85º in Stevens Point…WooHoo!!! #
  • I’m wondering if I know anybody in Austin, Texas? I’ll be there Sunday through Wednesday afternoon. #
  • http://twitpic.com/3zkbq – anyone have any feelings (for or against) or knowledge on cocktail drum kits? http://tinyurl.com/ctrexy #

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cocktail kits?

does anyone have any experience with cocktail drum kits? i am considering one for tapestry. sarah, our drummer, has been playing the djembe for tapestry and has been doing a great job. we’ve been talking about moving up to a drum kit for a fuller sound but portability, band size, and the feel of a full kit have been running through my mind. therefore, i was thinking about a cocktail kit. i’m considering one because they would fit in with the simple feel of tapestry and i think they are probably vey portable. i also think they are pretty interesting just because they are different. the problem is that i have no personal experience with them and thus can’t make a very good call on it. sarah is going to try one out this week and obviously her experience will make the final call but i’m still looking for a little input.

so i’m looking for any input that anyone may have to offer. does anyone know anything about them? are they a good alternative or are they cheesy and stupid?

aunt lynn

hey guys & gals would read this blog. if you have a moment i would appreciate your prayers for my aunt lynn. she’s my dad’s only sister and is a pretty cool aunt. right now she is dealing with the possibility of liver cancer and will be receiving the final testresults monday. my family and i would greatly appreciate anybody’s prayers. thanks.


it really “floats my boat” to think that all those soccer fans are singing “by GOD” when they sing ole`. also i would like to add that ryan hall is the real deal.

ht adam via andy

SIDE NOTE – i’m not sure if i know anybody in austin, texas or if anyone from there reads this blog but i will be in austin sunday through wednesday for the q conference. if anyone fits those categories i would gladly grab coffee with them.

resurrection continues

yesterday i tweeted that i was at the hope center painting with a wonderful group of threads (aka people from tapestry). a friend from nobts tweeted back that tapestry sounds like a really cool group. it makes me proud to be associated with them. i was proud before my friend pointed out how cool all the threads are but it’s nice to know that other people recognize it too. anyhow we finished another room at the hope center and a 6th room is now just in need of touch up work. woohoo!

SIDE NOTE – tuesday we did our “film & theology” thing. as a part of it we had screens on the side of the movie screen that displayed the tweets of the people there. it was kind of cool and more people have expressed interest in doing it the next time we do a “film & theology” thing. i liked it so much that i am going to try it a tapestry gathering some time in the near future. as a part of the prep for the night i posted on a couple of blogs. one of those blogs belongs to john volez. through a timelines that i don’t know john was contacted a reporter for time, interviewed, and then asked for other people who had contacted him. that’s how i ended up being contacted and interviewed last night. apparently the article will be on time.com sometime in the near future. i find this all pretty weird but funny also.

the journal


at tapestry on sundays we have a journaling station set up in the back of the room for people to write down their thoughts, prayers, etc. concerning what has happened. last week i was pretty excited to find the above printed in the journal. i wasn’t excited because i was the one speaking on the evening, rather i was excited because it was another reminder that people are getting what we are doing as a group.

the photo above is the entry that i am talking about.

still too tired to post

i have several things that i want to post about but i’m pretty tired at the moment. therefore, i’ll put a few blurbs up and see if they turn into anything longer.

  • we participated in trivia weekend this past week. stevens point hosts the world’s largest trivia competition. 54 straight hours of trivia, 417 teams, and 11,000 people. it’s kind of a big deal. it was also a blast. it was our first year and we ended up placing 174th which i have been told is not bad for newbies. we had around 15 people over at the house and 6 of us that were committed to the whole time. that’s a small trivia group considering the average group size is 26 and the top place groups average around 50. we already have plans for improving our experience next year. if any of you southerns want to come up next year for trivia you would be welcomed.
  • yesterday was our first “film & theology” meeting. we’re going to try this again in the future. basically we watched “stranger than fiction” and then discussed it’s connections with faith. it was a first time thing for us so there is a lot that we can improve upon. it was cool twittering the movie and screens beside the movie screen. thanks to some of the wonderful people of tapestry i have a growing list of ways to improve it. i sent out an email to those who went asking what they thought and how we could make it better. all of the responses thus far have been very positive while also providing some great suggestions for improving it next time. makes me all the more excited to be a part of tapestry.
  • i’ve swapped my eee pc 901 to eeebuntu. it was running xandros but i am enjoying eeebuntu so much more. it seems to be faster and is definitely better looking right out of the box. i also like the fact that eeebuntu is easier to customize than xandros.

the week in tweets – 2009-04-18

  • celebrating Resurrection day by painting and eating at the Hope Center. #
  • Very thankful that people danced tonight at Tapestry – No parking baby! No parking on the dance floor! #
  • http://twitpic.com/3a1ky – film & theology ’09 4.21 – Showing of “Slumdog Millionaire” with faith discussion of the film’s message after … #
  • @allimill – thanks and no worries, i don’t think you are a stalker. i post that stuff up for people to read. in reply to allimill #
  • Great having coffee with @ppolnaszek & @johnthemember this morning. Enjoy the game guys. #
  • “We’re Easter people living in a Good Friday world” – from a friend of Anne Lamott #
  • @KenNichols – what did you end up doing for Tenebrae? How did it go? in reply to KenNichols #
  • @johnthemember – very odd that your @mention from earlier doesn’t show up on my @replies. I think my twitter feed is mad at you. in reply to johnthemember #
  • RT @bsheets: RT @markrsmith Quote from Shane Claiborne – The church is like Noah’s Ark. It’s stinky inside but if you go outside you drown #
  • @KenNichols – i’m glad it went well. in reply to KenNichols #
  • @meganckelly: so you’ve finally committed to this whole “ministering in baton rouge” thing? do you think you might be rushing this decision? #
  • I didn’t know that the dad from “Meet the Parents” was on the Island to induct them into the circle of trust. I hope they aren’t potheads. #
  • It’s funny when many pastors say “my church” and mean ownership. Not only is it CHRIST’s and not theirs but they aren’t there enough to own. #
  • @DaddyGriffis – does this indicate that you were stuck somewhere with a non-starting auto? in reply to DaddyGriffis #
  • Sitting in the UWSP Communicative Disorders awards banquet. It’s like the Oscars for Speech Pathology only without acceptance speeches. #
  • Now I have to change the no acceptance speech statement. Crap! #
  • Trivia Weekend has begun and I just called in our first answer. #
  • @ringorang – it’s great. 3 threads of tapestry is our team in reply to ringorang #
  • Trivia pizza run. Here we come Polito’s! #
  • right now in trivia we are 112th out of 416. #
  • 10 hours of trivia! #
  • calling any Tapestry people interested in trivia! Come on over! #
  • what character can’t stand “age spots” on a a banana? #
  • @jasongaylor is giving away free vector sets of Stitchy Circles today ($29 value). http://bit.ly/freevector #
  • I think I just saved an answer by SHOUTING “NO! NO! NO! NO! IT’S $441.29” before they hung up – oh how I hope I saved it. #
  • oh yes we just slapchopped that #trivia #
  • i need aliitle help with the 2nd song clue – our recorded stopped early. any help? #trivia #
  • calling all tapestry threads to come back to the house when you can – the more people the easier #
  • anyone know who this is? it’s a #trivia thing http://tinyurl.com/dksanf #
  • @hubbacm – the excitement keeps me up at night. 😉 in reply to hubbacm #
  • Crap! That’s about all I have to say. Crap! #trivia40 #
  • @bsheets – yes it was #trivia40 in reply to bsheets #
  • yes! it pays to have kids who watch nick #trivia40 #
  • we’re presently 153rd out of 416 teams – not bad for newbies #
  • @ppolnaszek – that’s limited to the top 75 😉 in reply to ppolnaszek #
  • we were interview for trivia focus and should be on sometime soon #trivia40 #

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deer scare

i had a close encounter with one of our backyard deer this afternoon.

i was by our squirrel feeder loading it with more corn when out of the corner of my eye i saw a shape moving toward me fast. i turned around to see a deer about 10′ away from me running at full tilt in my direction. immediately i realized that what i was encountering was one of the rare wisconsin rabid killer deer. they’re vicious and there is only one way to rescue yourself from them. i screamed “AHHHHHHHH!” and lifted my hands up to shield by face from the impact. this had the desired response and scared the deer into changing directions, right into a tree. the killer deer slammed into the large sapling and flipped onto its back. graceful creatures my butt.

anyhow the rabid but now scared deer finally got back on its feet and dizzily ran about 30 feet off to get its head straight. it was a bit of an odd experience for both of us.

SIDE NOTE – tapestry is team #4360 in this year’s town wide trivia contest. stevens point is the home of the world’s largest trivia contest. it starts friday and last 24 hours a day until sunday at 11:59:59 pm. it should be cool. we do not stand a chance of winning but we do hope to learn what to do in future years. our goal is to be in the top 2,000 teams.