excuses, excuses

first let me state something obvious – cousin’s sandwiches suck. some people around here like them but not a ton of people. of course, as the sign shows it is a lot easier to blame the economy for a shop going out of business than it is to blame one’s business model, product, or self. it’s always nicer to place the blame on someone or something else. it makes us feel good.

the same is true with CHRISTianity. it’s easier for us to say that the world is changing or people want a “cafeteria style” religion, etc., etc. than it is to maybe admit that sometimes we simple are doing a lousy job of presenting the gospel. we do like our excuses.

i don’t believe that the “product” we offer the world is a failure (i feel terrible to refer to JESUS as a product but it is merely an analogy). HE never fails but i do think that we fail in conveying HIS message to the world. sometimes we just need to admit when it is our fault and change our methods so as to convey the message of HIS love. rather than making excuses that demand that the world change so it can hear our message, we need to change to convey the always consistent CHRIST in ways that everyone will understand.

excuses may be easier but they don’t accomplish anything good.

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