i’m a statistic now

yesterday i pulled into the local bp that has 79¢ diet cokes (oh yeah!). when i was entering the store a senior adult lady (i’m guessing around 80) asked if i could help her find her loaner car’s fuel catch release. she said her car was being worked on and she couldn’t figure out how to open the trap door that would let her refuel the loaner car. of course, i told her i would gladly help. i went over and looked in the usual areas. when that failed i bent over to look in the glove box. when i did that she suddenly said “is this it?” and reached over to push a button on the dash. of course, while she was doing this she rubbed across my buttocks!

that’s right an 80 year old lady may have fondled me!

i didn’t know how to respond to this possible violation so i simply said “you’re welcome” when she smiled and said “thanks.”

SIDE NOTE – PAM UPDATE – she’s doing very well. she’s not 100% but she is able to do a lot of what she would normally do. this means that she has been able to actually go to work this week but she has been completely worn out by the end of the day.

SIDE SIDE NOTE – with pam feeling better i’ve been able to get out more and therefore noah and i have gone fishing several evenings after supper. noah caught this 17” smallie this week.


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