3 albums

i know that nobody comes to this blog for music suggestions but i thought i would post the three albums that are currently “floating my boat.” i tend to like folk music that has an edge and a little experimentation in it. so here are the ones that i find myself listening to over and over:

  • stockholm syndrome” by derek webb – yeah he obviously wanted to push his CHRISTian record label too far for the label’s taste but the album is very compelling
  • 1beginning” by lori chaffer – a solo project from the feminine half of the family that is now what remains of waterdeep – you can’t go wrong with anything from waterdeep – i don’t care who you are you have to love lori chaffer’s voice
  • jonas is back” by the krustry brothers – another waterdeep project. it is a lot of fun both lyrically and musically – good stuff

and that is the end of my musical recommendations at the moment. you may now go back to your normal lives.

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