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i’m not a huge fan of poker. i don’t really have anything against it. i don’t think it is evil or anything like that. it’s just that i prefer hearts. still i love hanging out with threads and we have a fair number of guys in tapestry who love poker. so we’ve started playing poker on monday nights as a part of our monday night guys bible study. of course, being tapestry we’ve done it slightly different. everyone agrees that poker without money behind it is stupid. poker just isn’t fun without a loss or a gain. still, we don’t want to hinder anyone who might have a gambling problem. so we’ve decided that the game is limited to a $3 buy in and what we are playing for is the tax contribution credit. all the money will be used to support a kid through world vision and the winner of each week’s game is the one whose name the contribution is made under. that way the winner still gets something but there is no way that we can contribute to anyone’s gambling problem because no matter what everyone in the room on monday nights is walking away with $3 less.

i like the way we do things.

SIDE NOTE – my evil plan has been accomplished. pam really doesn’t like oprah. it’s a long story but the short version is that oprah just gets her goat. anyhow i found a free 6 month subscription to oprah’s magazine on lifehacker.com and now pam is subscribed to it. off course, pam didn’t know it until the magazine showed up in our mail box. it might not be funny to you but it made me laugh 🙂
my evil plan

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