the week in tweets – 2009-08-22

  • say it ain't so brett! i had kept faith in you until this. #
  • thanks to ebay tapestry now has a new projector for cheaper than a new bulb would have cost for our broken one. #
  • @fuelshane -and yet JESUS is probably a linux-guy 🙂 in reply to fuelshane #
  • @joshuajones – what? you saying it isn't true? btw, that's awesome. in reply to joshuajones #
  • I just finished being in a meeting that had its minutes typed before it ever started and I was typed in as present before I ever showed up. #
  • I'm about to go mushrooming!!!!! The good edible type, not the psychotropic type. #
  • I just entered a meeting that has its minutes already typed and I was listed as present before I had even arrived. #
  • the mushrooms turned out not to be edible (they were too far along the process). too bad. #
  • Just saw #GIJoe with Noah. I'm not sure what I was expecting from it but I know it was something more than that. #
  • @dhaltom7 – is this the court reporter test? #
  • @dhaltom7 – that's great too in reply to dhaltom7 #
  • WOOHOO! We have a storm moving in. I love storms. #
  • @joshuajones – i'm a little jealous. i love OTR in reply to joshuajones #
  • Just finished the first Halo LAN party I've been to in two years – Difference is as a Youth Minister I would have had to provide the snacks. #
  • @eLP88 – what's the new phase? #
  • I just bought a perfect weber grill for $10 & a miniweber for $5. I now have 3 weber grills! #
  • @eLP88 – wow, really? in reply to eLP88 #
  • I've never needed to buy poker chips before – What exactly am I supposed to look for in these things? #
  • I'm very pumped because today I found out we have a former shepherd who is a part of Tapestry – I love the church I am a part of. #
  • @dhaltom7 – yep exactly like an actual "sheep" shepherd in reply to dhaltom7 #
  • @HeyMrsNorman – you're not that old. 🙂 in reply to HeyMrsNorman #
  • packer man is about to go running – AKA kelly green shorts & a bright yellow shirt. #

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